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Discover the importance of leisure and free time in childhood:
Leisure, free time and play are as important and necessary as school. It is during this time that children learn to be happy, to socialise, to comply with social norms. They learn to value themselves and others, to communicate, to solve life's problems, to defend themselves and to face danger.

However, not only do we take away the possibility of such learning, but we rarely consciously plan for it in the child's daily activities. Twelve, fourteen or even more hours directed and controlled by adults and no free time to cultivate oneself as an individual and as a social being, to play freely, to relax, to compensate for the stresses of the day and to be happy.

At the same time, allowing children to play freely outdoors is beneficial for developing their learning, social and emotional skills, which will help them in the future. Nowadays, especially in cities, most children's activities are indoors. Watching television, playing video games or studying take up most of their time and deprive children of a more active life, which involves being in contact with the outdoors and with nature.

Benefits of the Montessori method for young children:
The Montessori method is an educational approach developed by medical and educated

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