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These aids are essential to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, the elderly or people who require assistance in their daily lives.

By offering a wide range of quality products, it is possible to satisfy the specific needs of each user and improve their independence, autonomy and safety.


Bath aids are devices and accessories designed to facilitate personal hygiene and improve safety and comfort in the bathroom. Among the most common products are the WC lift, which raises the height of the toilet seat to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility or disabilities, the shower stool , which allows you to sit in the shower to prevent falls and improve comfort, and the WC chair, which combines the functions of a lift and a chair to make it easier to use the toilet.


On the other hand, aids for daily living include a wide variety of products designed to improve autonomy, comfort and safety in daily activities. Among the most popular products are the bath stool, which is used to sit on in the shower or bath, the bottom bracket, a device for exercising the legs while sitting, and the restraint belt, which is used to secure people with reduced mobility to a wheelchair or a bed.

In addition, there are products such as adult bibs, which protect clothing during feeding, portable wash basin, which allows hair to be washed in bed or on a chair, and seat cushions, which provide additional comfort and relieve pressure on the lower back and gluteal area.